It Takes a Village to Raise a School

Take Action!

The Village commits to supporting the school's target areas of growth which typically fall into the following categories:

How do I become a part of a school village?

Attend your school's CAFE (Community & Family Engagement) Event

These events bring local leaders and community members together to learn more about their school and its unique opportunities and challenges.


As a member of the village, you come alongside as a thinking partner using your lived experiences, whether professionally or personally to provide fresh perspective and strategies to leverage resources, opportunities and other partnerships that could help.


Watch this short video from our friends at School Connect who we've partnered with to bring the CAFE and village model to our community.








































The Village then drafts a Strategic Plan for the school year, collaborating with school staff and local heroes to reach these target areas by leading projects, aligning resources and creating win/win partnerships.

Make a Difference!

The Village comes together as needed to track their progress, hold each other accountable and celebrate small and big milestones! 

Our School Partners will hold their CAFE events by invitation only. By you expressing interest to join or learn more, our schools can recognize potential partners that are ready to step up and love their school! Locate your nearest school on the map and join today!

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