Our Core Values

Build trusted relationships

Collaborate in a way that is a “win” for all parties

Outcome driven

How We Practice These

  • We Care: We care about the success of schools and their families. We want to understand their dreams and help them accomplish them. 

  • We Listen: We do not assume that we already know what our partners want. We help them discover this through asking thoughtful questions, listening to their responses and creating strategies that address these goals. 

  • We Celebrate: We celebrate each success and share positive stories everywhere we go. 

  • We Get Results: We help schools flourish in alignment with state standards, district goals and the strategic plan of individual schools. 

  • We Communicate: We take the initiative to communicate with schools and partners so that silence and miscommunication do not inhibit the growth of partnership or collaboration. 

  • We Build Bridges: We overcome obstacles that keep partnerships from happening. We are committed to maintaining trusted relationships and we work hard to weather conflict. 

  • We Thank Partners: We recognize the value of time, energy and money that partners give as they serve schools and we thank them regularly. 

  • We Have Integrity: We own up to our mistakes and ask for help for ourselves and for those we serve. We go the extra mile.

  • We Value Our Team Members: We honor each team member’s contribution to the big picture and jump in to help wherever it is needed.