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Because we believe that teachers should be celebrated by the community, we created this list for students, parents, businesses, organizations, principals and even other teachers. Join us in gratitude in the months of November and December in recognizing our amazing educators and school staff during the COVID-19 pandemic!  

Gather a group of friends, students, colleagues, or church members to write thank you cards or letters of support to your local school.


Purchase and give your teacher a best-selling education.


Give your teacher a gift certificate to a local restaurant, coffee shop or your favorite bakery.


Support your teacher’s well-being by purchasing or creating a gift basket with healthy snacks and self-care items. 


Ask your teacher if they have a list of classroom supplies and see if you can help provide them what they need for their classroom.


Have your students write a poem about their teacher and place it in a frame.


Ask your local school if they are hosting a luncheon or breakfast for teachers and if they need help purchasing food or items. 


Purchase a gift card for dinner for 2 at your favorite restaurant and give it to the teacher for them to enjoy with their friend .


Provide healthy snacks for the staff room.


Just say, “Thank you."


How will you appreciate a teacher or school staff member this month? 

Let us know!