Who Is In Your Sphere of Influence?

Did you know that most of the strengths, unique qualities and needs of our communities are represented at our local schools?  The truth is that schools are a portal into the community. The same kids in your congregation are also the ones sitting in the classrooms down the street! 

 Faith-Based groups love to give back!

  • Plan a service project with school partners on school campus or in the neighborhood

  • Sponsor or host a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon or Dinner

You can make a difference in a student's life!

  • Join a Village or a planning committee

  • Mentor or tutor students 

  • Volunteer at an after school program 

Give where it counts to local children and youth!

  • Sponsor initiatives to enhance local schools with updated technology, equipment and improved facilities

  • Donate school supplies and materials that are often needed

  • Help a family in need with basic needs (food, furniture, clothes etc.) 

**Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, schools have strict policies on volunteering. Most if not all opportunities must be done virtually or by other means that honor social distancing and CDC guidelines.