heavily discounted ppe for schools

As we watch the heroic preparations that are taking place for schools to reengage their students this fall, it is clear to us that educators all over the nation need the support of their entire community! 

Our wonderful partners from School Connect Arizona have shared a resource with us and we would like to share it with our school districts here in Stanislaus County. They have partnered with Dr. William Schumacher who founded a business that provides ER doctors to hospitals around the country,  he discovered that his doctors were treating COVID-19 patients without protection. This led him to find his own supply line of PPE that provides a consistent supply of low-cost product that is able to meet the needs of doctors & patients across the country. 

When Dr. Schumacher saw that many companies were price gouging during this crisis, he started a new company and reached out to School Connect to offer this supply of PPE at discounted prices up
to 50% to schools. With school budgets stretched thin by competing needs we want to make sure that students & staff have affordable protection to meet the needs of the school year when ready to reopen.   

Their online store address is https://store.schoolconnectaz.org/

We look forward to serving you and to keeping everyone safe and healthy.

-Love Our Schools

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