All sectors of the community are necessary to build healthy schools and students

Why  Love Our Schools?  


In 2007, a small group of church leaders and educators, banded together to “blow wind into the sails” of this life-changing movement in the Washington Elementary School District, in Phoenix, Arizona.  They called it School Connect.  They were very passionate about the next generation flourishing in their city and believed that the faith community was an important partner in this process.  Out of this gathering they discovered a growing momentum of the faith community’s concern for schools and realized how important each sector of the community was to this endeavor.  Business provided important expertise and funding, civic leaders brought city and state-wide strategies and the faith community brought a multi-generational volunteer base that wanted to make a difference in their schools and neighborhoods.  By partnering together they could actually see their schools and communities transformed.

Which led us to them in 2018. We wanted to bring School Connect to our community because we saw the impact that it had on schools and communities and now all across the state of Arizona. We believe this model will, if anything, bring additional support to our schools in Stanislaus County.

How Does It Work?  

We help school districts geo-map their region and network to invite new community partners into relationship.


We engage businesses to provide resources and sponsorships, and as a result they receive marketing value and employee satisfaction as they participate.


We engage Faith-based groups and organizations to provide and mobilize volunteers for tutoring, campus beautification and teacher support.


Nonprofits, government and universities bring health and educational resources directly to schools.


Catalytic events such as  Love Our Schools Day, the Community and Family Engagement Event (CAFE) and workshops provide ongoing support and training to schools and community partners alike. 

We network, train and coach diverse community partners to form strong, sustainable relationships that transform local schools through community engagement, thereby creating an infrastructure of support to address student need such as hunger, poverty, literacy and high school graduation rates. 


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