it takes a village to raise a school


Every child should have someone to help them unlock their potential and for an entire school, it takes a village.

Many children face a tidal wave of obstacles and are disconnected from those with the power to help. Systemic inequities, poverty, hunger, illiteracy and fragmented families isolate children, cutting them off from their vibrant futures. In the face of this challenge, what can we do? It's time to stand together!

Love Our Schools is proud to be a collaborative partner with Stanislaus County Office of Education and Modesto City Schools in serving high school seniors in their pursuit of Career Technical Education (CTE) career paths.

Jobs Program


The JOBS Program is a collaborative effort of Stanislaus County Office of Education, Modesto City Schools, and the Love Our Schools Program through Love Stanislaus County. 

The purpose of the JOBS program is to help high school seniors gain awareness of Career Technical Education careers, as well as develop a career network in addition to exposure to careers through internships. To see businesses that we are partnered with, click here: 


Love Our Schools facilitates the engagement between local leaders and School  Champions from across sectors where faith communities, business, government and community organizations can play a strategic role in supporting the health of their local schools.  We refer to this committed group of leaders  as a "Village". These villages are foundational to whole student and whole school transformation.















This village model is simple but counterintuitive to most institutions. While the same children and families are present in these different networks, they often work independently of one another and struggle to have enough resources individually to truly make an impact. 

For many schools, they lack the capacity and the resources to build sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships in their community. Love Our Schools provides a simple but powerful framework that helps build capacity while also building shared leadership and vision among community members.


WHAT WE offer

Training & Coaching

We train and coach districts, principals and educators on how to build and sustain a Village around their school and work alongside them to engage faith, business, parents, students and other community members to join their team and play a strategic role in their school's transformation.

Community Asset Mapping

We equip schools and partners with data of who and what is in their local area so they can effectively engage and forge new partnerships using custom geo asset mapping and data tracking.

Strategic Planning

Every school has a list of needs, we come alongside them and create a Community Engagement Plan that strategically addresses these needs; Teacher retention, parent engagement, school climate, student achievement etc.  

Catalyst Events

We coordinate and co-facilitate with schools catalytic events that multiple partnerships; Love Our Schools Day, Community & Family Engagement events (CAFÈ), round tables with businesses, organizations and other sectors of the community.

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